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Why do you need a coach?

Athletes and sports teams have a coach to provide expert instruction, advice, motivation and planning. They do this because they get better results, and that is in an activity that most athletes know a little bit about and are usually highly motivated.

So you should have one too, to fast track your results and make sure you reach your goal.

How does your coach help?

Your coach will help you develop a nutritional and exercise plan built around what you like doing and eating. We don’t just tell you what to do, that never works, and we help you to make smaller, regular changes that are sustainable.

Our goal is to get you to your goal and with the skills and knowledge so you no longer need us.

Your coach is there 24/7 via phone, SMS, email and through an app that contains all your food and exercise plans and communication with your coach to track and monitor your day and week.

No one plan is the same as everyone has different goals and barriers that need to be overcome. Life gets in the way at times too, and we help you to plan ahead to deal with what ever happens.

Let’s GO

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Why a gym membership isn’t the answer for everyone

Traditional gym memberships are great for people who are highly motivated, know exactly what to
do and don’t have any injuries. But not so well if getting there is a problem too.

Our main service has been providing access to equipment, or a pool, and instructing you in a

But if diet is at least 70 % of the weight loss equation and all you do is work out 3 times a week and
no one is there to advise you on your diet and make sure you do your workouts, what is likely to

In most cases – you will not reach your goal and after a while you stop coming.

So if you have tried the gym before and not reached your goal then something is missing, isn’t it?

We no longer allow people to join without supervised training and/or coaching if they:
 Have a history of not reaching their goal.
 Have an injury or physical limitation
 Want weight loss as their main goal
 Are not an experienced gym goer

If we let you join up on a membership without adequate instruction & support, then we are setting you up for failure. You come to us to find a solution and we will work out a plan based on how best to get there.

Do I have to train

at Oceana?

No, we can coach you to do your exercise at home, or another gym or while playing other sports.

Coaching is essentially new service based around your individual needs. Our coaches are great instructors, but they are even better coaches.

you need a set goal in a set timframe

Setting a specific target and a set timeframe for achieving that is the key behind fitness. That is the most critical first step.

our coach will recommend what is the appropriate timeframe to safely achieve your goal. We don’t do quick fixes.

You will be amazed at how having that worked out will help you to stay on track.

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