6 Week Fitness & Weight Loss Challenge

Our FREE 6 week Challenge is the best weight loss program have ever run.  Would you like to lose 2 – 3 KG in a week? If so then the challenge is just what you may need.

Virtually every member comes to us with a weight loss goal.

Losing weight is simple,  right?

It is if you have access to the right tools, education  and support.

At Oceana we have always delivered great exercise programs and our small group training and group fitness programs can help you learn how to exercise safely and effectively, and we have a range of programs to suit everyone.

But the saying “You can’t out exercise a bad diet” is so true and without a serious review of your diet, exercise alone will never make the difference for most people.

The reality is that some people need knowledge and education, some need support, and some want an in-the-box solution. At Oceana we have a program to suit you. Our nutrition Programs include:

  • Overview of Australian healthy eating guidelines

  • A coaching course that covers all the things that effect why, what, when and how you eat and help you develop a lifelong eating plan including recipes, meal plans, shopping lists and weekly weigh ins.

  • A Supplement system that includes meal replacement shakes & bars, pre & post workout aids, calorie controlled snacks, energy shots, Vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, thermogenic aids and cleansers. We coach you through the use of the products and can tailor this for weight loss, muscle building, energy boost and healthy aging.

  • One on One consultation with a certified nutritionist

So like our membership options, we have a range of programs to suit everyone. We will sit down and wok out which option is best for you.

The Science Behind Weight Loss 

Energy Balance

The key to weight loss is always making sure that you burn more calories through exercise and daily living than you take in through the food you eat.

That is why we use a range of tools that help us to track you input and output

Tracking your Input

Ultimately weight will must involve some form of calorie control to ensure that you are burning up more energy than you are taking in through food. Reducing serving sizes, meal replacements, food diaries or apps that allow you to track your food choices are all options that can help.

We will work with you to work out what will work best for you.

Tracking Body Composition not just weight

Then to make sure that you are actually reducing body fat we have the latest technology to track your body composition with our Inbody Body Composition Analyser.

This machine uses patented technology to give you a detailed measure of your body composition including.

  • Total Muscle mass
  • Total Body fat mass
  • Total body fat %
  • Visceral Fat ( Internal)
  • Total Body Water
  • Bone Mineral Content
  • Basal Metabolic Rate

Once you know these measures you can work on changing them. The machine allows us to track changes over time and adjust your program to fast track results.

So rather than just measuring total bodyweight, which doesn’t tell you how much muscle, bone, water or minerals you have, body composition analysis will help you to stay motivated and get real results.

MYZONE – tracking your output

We use a web base heart rate monitoring system called MYZONE that includes a wearable belt that send your heart rate to a screen during your work out so your trainer can see how hard you are working.

After your workout the system will send you an email that shows calories for that session and allows us to track your energy expenditure for the week and month so you can track your output over time.

When combined with some apps we use to track you food energy intake we can make sure that your energy balance is in deficit where you are burning off excess fat.

So at Oceana we use the latest scientific tools and systems to track and monitor your progress over time. These resources are also very motivating for the user and make the job of our coaches so much easier.

Real People – Real Results

Craig lost 20 KG in 6 months using our small group training and our supplement program. He has been a member at Oceana for many years and enjoying the benefits of being relatively fit. Once we got his nutrition right he got great results.

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