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Weight loss

Most people come to us to lose weight. That has always been the case, but we have to be honest here and admit that our previous approach was all about delivering great workouts, which is certainly a part of weight management, but this was not enough to deliver long term change for most people.

Giving people a copy of healthy eating guidelines and telling you to exercise 3 times a week, worked for some for a while, but not for many in the long term.

70% of the weight management equation is nutrition. If you don’t get that right then no matter what you do in the gym, you will struggle with your weight.

Since the middle of 2019 our approach to weight management has shifted with the launch of our Health Coaching program which is built around accountability. Having a coach who works 1:1 on what you do at the gym as well as away from the gym, is producing much better outcomes.

Our Coaching programs works on the following key principles

We work with you to gradually modify your diet to achieve the weight loss goal we set in a sustainable way. We do no tell you what to eat, we start with small but regular changes to what you like eating so you can stick with it for ever.

No more chicken and broccoli or starvation diets. Most of us know what we need to do, it’s about breaking bad habits and that takes time and someone to keep you accountable.

Specific goal in a set time frame

As against an open ended membership with no clear goal for you

Personalized Nutrition Plan

Exercise that you

like doing

For too long we have just asked our members to do what we do. While many people do enjoy the
group sessions we offer and some continue attending in the long term, many people last for only a short time.

Your coach will work with you to find the combination of exercises that suits your lifestyle and personal preferences and not just try and get you to do what everyone else does. We know that doesn’t work.

Some people will find that coming to Oceana for their exercise is great. Our new Small Group Training program with only10 in each session will ensure that you receive. personalized attention in each session and we can modify the workout to suit any age, fitness level or injury profile in the session.

Other people may just have a walking program with some body weight strength exercises that you can do anywhere. Others may set up a home gym to make things more convenient.

Others may play sport and have more help with nutrition. Our programs are all about what works for you!

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