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We know people love training in groups. You have someone to show you what to do and other people to keep you motivated and to add the fun factor. 

We strongly recommend that our members
participate in our group training program. Those who get the best results with us do some form of supervised group training.

Over the years we have had a variety of group fitness and personal training options. Programs have come and gone and our goal has always been to find a results focused, value option for our members. We believe our new model will deliver this.

Back in 1996 we started with old school aerobics and circuit classes. After 3 years or so we added 1 to 1 Personal training, then cut aerobics in around 2008.

Personal training evolved into Semi Private training with 4 in a session. Then in 2012 we were the first club in Hobart to add functional training to our schedule and we also offered spin, boxing and other specialised classes.

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New Model for 2020

With the advent of Covid we have decided to modify our program to manage numbers as well as
simplify our program by on only offering one type of group training with a limit of 10 people. Our
sessions will be 40 minutes in duration and must be pre booked. This can easily be done online.

The key consideration for us is also making sure that every member receives adequate individual instruction, and the reality is that we just can’t do that with more than 10 people.

The same session will be delivered throughout each day and no 2 workouts will be the same. A weekly plan has been developed so we don’t overload any particular muscle group on consecutive days.
Best results are also achieved with a 2 day break between sessions.




Offers & Details

Our small group training membership includes 3 sessions per week, but extra sessions can be added for $10 each. Casuals will pay a fee of $35 and other members can join in for only $20.

Each session will include cardio & strength with our new studio being set up with access to everything you will ever need to get a great workout.

The other main feature of our program is that while everyone will be doing the same exercises, we can scale each one to suit your fitness level and any injuries you may have.

Sessions will be held at the normal popular times throughout
Mondays to Saturdays.

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