Personal Training

You probably think that Personal Training is too expensive! But not at Oceana.

Our Personal Training is done in small groups of no more than 5 and the session lasts for 1 hour. This is a much better way of doing things with more time for you and your coach to personalise your program and plan for the rest of your week.



If you are time poor, PT is the way to go. You will get more done in 1 hour with us than you would in 2 hours or more on your own, all for about half of what a 30 minute 1 on 1 session would cost.

It’s not only better value, it is more personal, fun, motivating and rewarding, and will deliver better results.

You will share your success with the people you work out with. There’s nothing like feeling part of a team when challenging yourself to improve. Your new work out buddies will help keep you motivated by encouraging you and acknowledging your joint successes.

A pat on the back goes a long way!

The added benefit of having a PT membership is the support provided to regularly review your weekly plan of exercise and nutrition. It’s not just about your PT workout, it’s the education, coaching and accountability. If you don’t show up – expect us to get onto you.

You can book your PT sessions online and choose 1 , 2 or unlimited sessions each week as part of our membership options. The average cost per session is around $35.

When you throw in the Group Fitness Classes, 24 hour access to the gym, individual programs, the pool, the Inbody body composition analysis, Myzone heart rate and energy tracking and having a trainer who cares, Oceana truly is the best value membership package about.

And remember that if you want a quality service, be prepared to pay a fee to allow us to do that. That is what will also make you turn up and most importantly lead you to make better decisions all week.

So if you want results then PT is THE only way to go. Remember, in every other area of life we seek professional advice and fitness and nutrition is no different.

We are here for you. Are you ready for change?

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