Invest In Your Health

Our Philosophy

It’s not about our facilities or equipment, it’s about our people and our passion to help you reach your goals.

To be honest when we first started in 1996 we were like most fitness centres, bikes and treadmills, a room full of weights gear, and a room for aerobics, a circuit, and the pools. A great facility and we’d like to think we did it better than most.

We would give you a 1 hour induction, set you up on a “Personal Program” and then you went away and tried a class that was too hard for you or you were left to flounder in the gym doing a boring
“traditional” gym workout on the bike or treadmill and then 3 sets of 10 reps on the pin loaded gear.

No follow up, no support and after a while you stopped going.

Unfortunately this still happens at your local 24 hour low-cost no- service club, with no classes or instruction.

Why you need a Coach

The fact is that unless you are highly motivated, know exactly what you are doing, have no injuries or restrictions, you will NEVER succeed unless you get some serious support and coaching. Why do you think every athlete and team in the world has a coach? Because you get better outcomes!

Think about it, how many times have you tried and failed to continue an exercise program? If something doesn’t work, and we know it doesn’t after 21 years, then why would we keep offering it? Well, we don’t. And why would you try and do the same thing you might have tried 10 times in the past?

Oceana is now a coaching club with a focus on Small Group Training, with a maximum of 10 participants where you have Hobart’s leading fitness professionals to educate, motivate, instruct, and keep you accountable. You also get the benefit of working alongside other like-minded people who make it fun and interesting.

We are not crowded, and there are no young kids posing in front of the mirrors hogging the equipment.

Invest in your health – it is worth it

Like everything else in life, you get what you pay for when it comes to fitness. If you don’t pay a little more for some coaching, we can’t provide it. And the reality is if you don’t have some skin in the game by paying a little more, then you won’t turn up.

Think about what you have spent making yourself sick and unhealthy, or what it might cost you in healthcare costs in the future. Many studies actually show investing in your health by prevention of
illness and disease will save you money in the long run.

You find the money for a nice car, clothes, phone, cable TV or Netflix, and we all know what a night out can cost, and yet still some people baulk at spending $40 to $100 a week on their most important asset – YOUR HEALTH!

You’ve worked hard to set yourself up, so make a commitment to yourself to be the best you can be.

So while we may not be the cheapest club out there, and we don’t want to be, we are the best value.

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