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Oceana has been around since 1996. We have the best fitness programs available in Hobart. Swimming lessons, weight loss programs, functional training. You name it, we’ve got it.

OUR History

20+ Years of Oceana Gym History

How We Got Started

Back in 1996 the fitness landscape was a lot different.

There were no 24 hour clubs, no Aquatic Centre, Friends, Clarence Pool still had the bubble roof, and no one ran boot camp sessions in local parks.

In fact there were only a handful of Personal Trainers in Hobart and Fitness centres were just boxes full of equipment. 

Our Founder

Managing Director Dean Ewington continues in his role today. He has been working full time in the Fitness Industry since 1990 and self-employed since 1993.

He set up his first fitness business in 1993 ‘Fitness Solutions” which was a rehab consultancy for workers compensation and MAIB clients. Oceana continues to have a strong rehab focus with Optimum Health Solutions Tasmania now based at Oceana. Oceana was always developed to include the aquatic and gym based equipment suited to rehab.

 He grew up in Bellerive and went to Clarence High, Rosny College and the University of Tasmania, where he completed a Bachelor of Education with a major in Health Physical Education and Recreation in 1987.

Our Progress, Moving Forward!

So as things have changed over the 20 years, so has Oceana. We have added new programs and equipment, changed our layout, built on, upgraded plant and equipment and continued to keep up to date with the latest trends. With increased competition in all fitness services we have gradually changed our operations to be focussed on small group supervised training with a focus on functional exercise. We have done that because we believe it is simply the best value, most effective way to get results.

Notable Changes at Oceana

Functional Training with a purpose built “BootCamp”  area in 2008.

This space had an obstacle course and an outside running track to link to our main gym area, and was used for the next few years to run boot camps. We then modified it in 2012 to remove the obstacle course to create more open space and add some new equipment.

Became a 24 hour Gym in 2014 which has been well received by many with hectic lifestyles and shift workers. Also modified our old Aerobics area to create another functional training space around the same time. We expanded the lower gym area to include more space for functional and free weight exercise.

New renovations have taken place, timber flooring. Pools all updated, with a lot of new equipment added!

Our Staff

Marcello Marchioli – Gym Manager

Marcello Marchioli – Gym Manager

I lead a team of down-to-earth and talented trainers to deliver our members the results they come to us to achieve.

The best part about my role is seeing our members get life changing results and knowing that the coaching and accountability that our team provides is a contributing factor.

I’ve always been fascinated with the human body, not just the physical aspect, but how the brain works too. I see people that struggle to walk into their first appointment, but within a few minutes I know they will be successful because of their mindset.

No two people are the same. This is why I’ve found working in the fitness industry so enjoyable for the past 11 years, and why I’ll keep working in the industry for a long time yet.

When I’m not working, I’m either at the gym, playing soccer or travelling. The world is just as exciting as the human body, so I try to explore it as much as possible with my girlfriend.

Jake Squires – Membership Manager

Jake Squires – Membership Manager

Growing up I was involved in as much sport as possible, as I got older this passion turned towards the health and fitness industry.

Now along with my wife and two girls it forms a huge part of our life, I love coffee, cooking, training and getting outdoors when the weather permits in Hobart.

I’m also a qualified Crossfit Coach which gives me a great understanding of the technical aspects of the journey our members are experiencing.

The energy and passion towards a healthy lifestyle that Oceana creates is why I love doing what I do, helping others achieve their goals and realise new capabilities is very rewarding and it also motivates me to continue to be better.

Tony Blanton – Swim School Teaching  Manager

Tony Blanton – Swim School Teaching Manager

I have been a teacher at Oceana for 5 years and in my current role for the past 8 months.

I love to teach, mentor and empower young people & help them to realise the ability within themselves not just to teach children to swim
but to aspire to better things in relation to education, self-awareness, respect and being leaders.

I am a family man with 2 children, 13 and 11. I love to cook and eat. In my spare time I like swimming, snorkelling and surfing.

My Philosophy is pretty simple but important, be respectful, treat others as you would like to be treated. Be the best you can be for your own sake. Take chances and live life.

Leanna Brown aka Leanne - Swim School & Reception Admin Manager and part time Personal Trainer

Leanna Brown aka Leanne - Swim School & Reception Admin Manager and part time Personal Trainer

I first started at Oceana back in November 2014; I began my journey here working on reception and as a personal trainer taking group classes. From there I was appointed the role of Reception Supervisor, and then recently taking on the role of Reception Team Manager and The Swim School Admin Manager.

I have always enjoyed helping people and living an active life style, so I have found the perfect balance here. I love working with like minded people and helping the growth of Oceana’s Swim School.

I love the beach and being outdoors, camping, bush walking, fossil hunting and swimming, spending time with friends, family, my partner and our dog.

I love working on my fitness, running and forcing my friends to work out with me.

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