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We know that our members who do Personal Training get the best results, but our group fitness classes provide great coaching and a great workout.

We have over 50 classes each week with both 30 minute express and longer 50 minute options to choose from. Our class styles include gym and aquatic options to suit all tastes and program needs.

Our Classes Include:

Team Training

This is our version of a high-intensity interval training class. Using bodyweight, dumbbells, kettle bells, ropes rings and other fitness tools It combines both cardio and strength components to boost your metabolism and help strip fat fast. And each exercise can be graded to your current fitness level and take into account any physical limitations you may have.

We have a couple of versions of this class with a Strength version using heavier loads and longer rests and a Foundation 55 at 11 am weekdays that is a slightly easier session that is great for beginners and our many older members. But anyone is welcome and we can easily modify the session to be harder or easier.


Similar format and exercises to Team training but with a 20-second work then 10-second rest format.


Our traditional fun workout using the support and resistance of being in the water to create a safe, fun and low impact workout.


A high energy mixed martial arts class to music without the contact. Have fun kicking and punching your way to a fitter leaner body in a fun filled 30 minute workout.

Spin +

You classic indoor cycling class. Our spin cycles are part of our group fitness room so we can include some functional strength exercise to mix it up


A floor class incorporating all the elements of flexibility, breathing, balance, coordination, core and whole body strength to build a lean toned body.


Unique to Oceana, these classes are held in our main pool on large inflatable boards that combines functional strength, core stability, balance, and yoga moves to create a low impact workout that can be as hard as you want to make it.

Aqua Core

Using the same fitness boards on water with more focus on core strength. Bathers of Gym gear, your choice.

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