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21 Day Transformation

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Guaranteed Minimum 3 KG Weight loss

If you have been cooped up inside and need to kick start your exercise and healthy eating routine, then this may be just what you need.

Our 21 Day Coaching Transformation will give you the opportunity to see the benefits of having your own coach working with you, and how they can ensure success at reaching your goals.

We are not into quick fixes, but one thing we will do in your 21 Day Trial is guarantee that you will lose 3 kg or 3 % body fat in 21 days with us, or we coach you for FREE until you do.

After that, we agree on a set goal in a set timeframe. Once you have that, we develop a plan with you to achieve that goal.

Your coach will help you to work out a sustainable plan that includes the following components:

Your coach will help you to work out a sustainable plan that includes the following components:


Your own personal coach who will work with you 1:1 to make sure you actually do your exercise and stick with your nutrition plan.

They will add you to our “My Accountability” App that will keep your plan at your fingertips and provide 24/7
communication with your coach.


Help you develop a plan including strength & cardio that suits your schedule and includes things you like doing. You may not know what that is yet, but we will help you find it. This may be at home or at Oceana.

The program includes 3 Small Group Training sessions per week plus full membership to our gym and pools. This will help us teach you correct technique for strength and flexibility exercises and teach you how to train with intensity which is a key aspect of sustainable weight management.


It’s as simple as finding healthy foods that you like eating! We help you make the gradual but sustainable changes that will help you achieve that, while still enjoying the treats that we all love to have.

Fast Track Your Results

Our job is to show you how to get there faster by giving you the skills and knowledge required, and to make constant
changes to avoid plateaus and avoid those other times when you think it’s just all too hard.

Why take 3 years to achieve something you can do in 3 to 6 months with the right advice and support?

The program also includes 3 Inbody Body composition assessments that will show changes in body fat, muscle mass, water and visceral fat. This type of feedback also helps us to track what’s going on on the inside and helps to keep you motivated by seeing these changes.


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